Manufacturing & Business

With our state-of-the-art facilities, we are able to maintain the finest quality products & processes. We keep up with cost effective, validated, technology supported and customized processes. Our manufacturing facility allows us to incorporate customers' requirements into our products. In order to provide consistent quality products, we place constant efforts to implement effective quality systems. We have a well-organized quality system, which include quality control, quality assurance and regulatory affairs.   

Manufacture Capacity:



External Formulations

Tablets: 600,000 Tablets/Day

Opthalmic preparations: 40,000 Bottles/Day

Creams: 50,000 Tubes/Day

Capsules: 600,000 Capsules/Day

Liquid Ampoules: 50,000 Ampoules/Day

Ointments: 50,000 Tubes/Day

Liquid Orals: 20,000 Bottles

Dry Powder Vials: 50,000 Vials/Day

Soft Gelatin Capsules: 600,000 Capsules/Day

Leveraging on global competitiveness and rich industrial experience, we are delivering complete solutions. It covers product development to commercialization. Our business comprise following aspects:

Product Development
We develop products according to specific requirements of clients. Also, we validate the process, confirm the product stability and scale up for commercialization. Our expertise also include Micronization of API to the finest particles.     

We keep up with custom made particle sizes & forms to meet customers' formulation needs. Micronisation of API to the finest particles will improve dissolution, efficacy & bio-availability.  

Process Development
We render kilo lab / scale-up facility as well as process optimization. 

Here we manufacture the products with proven processes, in the brand-name of clients. Also, we offer complete regulatory support for the brand in the respective country.        

We also market our own brands in different countries.

Contract Manufacturing
Contract manufacturing is done with specific process, so as to manufacture products to customer's requisites.

Regulatory Service
We provide regulatory service with dossiers. We keep up with regulatory requirement of the Ministry of Health, for respective Country.  

Market Presence
With our customer-centric approach, we started exportation to Latin America, Africa and South East Asia, in the first year of our operations. Also, there are assorted products currently under registration in various countries. This will bring excellent growth to the exports. Moreover, we undertake contract manufacturing in Indian markets. We develop formulations according to customers' special requirements. And we support our strategic partners in every manner.   

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